Emotional Guidance System

Emotional Guidance System

Artist: Pamela Bruder

Artist Bio: My name is Pamela Bruder and I live in Canada’s beautiful capital. It was in this bustling political city where I finished my undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations. I am so happy that this will by my second year submitting art work for the Brain and Mental Health Art Show. I have learned a lot about mental health and I am so grateful to all the speakers who share their stories in order to help others.

In my current academic life, I am a first year pre-medical student with Athabasca University’s online program where I will finish my pre-requisites for medical school. I am very excited to dedicate the second chapter of my life to health care and I cant wait to meet the future scientists that will inspire me to continue on this life path. In my personal life, I balance yoga and art with my studies and have a romantic relationship with books that range from foreign policy to contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

Description: In the case of mental health, our feelings are so important. My desire for this work of art is to inspire a person to always embrace and become aware of their feelings. This way they can become self-aware of the lens they are using (in that moment) to respond to the world. The Pixar film, Inside Out was the main inspiration behind this work of art. It was my desire to create a piece that someone could look at and be gently reminded that they have powerful emotions within them that influence their decisions on a daily basis. Becoming aware of the fact that you have an emotional guidance system can initiate an awakening of what makes you feel sad, angry,fearful,pessimistic and joyful!

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