First Date

First Date

Artist: Ashley Courneyea

Artist Bio: Born in 1990 in Prince Edward County. Ashley began her love of art at a very young age. She has studied in both Visual and Applied Arts, graduating from Loyalist College Applied and Visual Arts Program in 2011 where her experienced spread into various mediums such as drawing and printmaking and since has specialized in acrylic.

“I begin my paintings through slow visualization. It starts with random brush strokes and only an acute idea of what the image will become and soon after shapes begin to pop out at me and then the inspiration comes. I use music in this process as it inspires the movement of my brush and colour of my palette”

Description: On the day I created this painting, I was in a park and a bunch of children whom I had never met, were interested in what I was doing. So, almost immediately, I gathered some canvas for each of them and told them to paint. As we were painting together, they were so complimentary of what I had been doing even though I was in the stage of really not knowing where this work was going. It was almost as if they were the greatest inspiration to the outcome of this work.

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