Artist: Saila M.

Artist Bio: I am a twelve-year old girl living in the midst of nature in the area I call home; the close-knit neighbourhoods of Dunrobin, which I find rather ironic since I barely have any neighbours in a close proximity. Since the chilly month of January, I’ve been overcome by some pretty intense anxiety and have obtained many depressive symptoms. I have noticed along the way how people often label those affected by mental illness, and so, those affected tend to label themselves as there is zero positive
energy around themselves and their peers. I am a victim of this, for sure. I often refer to art as my outlet for this negative energy and I am currently finding a way of coping with my emotions; even though it is very hard most times. Without my artistic passion, I don’t know who I would be.

Description: Many people who are the victims of mental illness are heavily inflicted by the stigma of others. This drawing reflects the harsh stigma that surrounds mental illness and how it impacts the victims. The inspiration behind this drawing came to me when I was feeling exhausted by the labels that others have inflicted on myself and other victims of mental illness.

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