Wave of Emotion

Wave of Emotion

Artist: Rebecca McGean

Artist Bio: I was an educational assistant for 26 years working in both elementary and secondary schools. I was in the process of transitioning a student into the school when the student had a psychotic break and was attack by the student. I continued to work but it was different after the attack, then on the anniversary of the attack I had a breakdown and was diagnosed PTSD. As a result of the PTSD and dealing with anxiety, depression and struggling with the balancing of my medications and receiving little help from the medical system, I started dabbling with some art to help improve my mental wellbeing. I find that art is an outlet that has a calming effect and is an outlet for my feelings

Description: This shows how emotions come upon us in waves. Everything is sunny on one side but the sky gradually goes darker and the wave of expectations any motion and anxiety come upon you and swallow you up.

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