Artist Resources

Art resources and centers are available to those affected by mental illness in the Ottawa area. None of the services listed here are associated with Fractal Imprints. This list is provided for the convenience of our visitors.

The Art Studio

Family Services OttawaThe Art Studio is a unique service for artists who live with mental illness. The studio offers a safe creative space where artists living with mental illness can pursue their art, which otherwise might be limited by their illness or the poverty with which mental illness is often associated.

The Art Studio is run by Family Services Ottawa. Visit The Art Studio website for additional details.

Moods Expressed

Moods ExpressedMoods Expressed is a working group that focuses on finding exhibitions and venues as well as publishing and selling opportunities for practicing artists living with mental illness. Moods Expressed has just received a grant from the Community Foundation of Ottawa to help artists with marketing and promoting their work and to help pay for exhibition and table fees for shows and festivals. It is open to anyone who self-identifies as a practicing artist in any discipline living with mental illness.

Visit Moods Expressed for additional details.

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